More Race Baiting from Donna Brazile

In an article in the “USA Today”, Democratic strategist Donna Brazile, warms up the 2012 mantra from the Left. “Republicans are racists”. She claims that efforts are underway in states, all over the country, by Republicans to “disenfranchise people of color,the poor,the old,the young”.

Donna Brazil’s USA Today article —-

The biggest complaints she has are the shortening of early voting and the adoption of laws by various states to have voters show photo IDs.

Let’s see now, every bank in the country asks for Photo IDs BY LAW to open a bank account yet requiring a voter to do so is voter suppression? To even suggest such a thing is completely absurd, but it’s the old Democratic stand-by, cry racism everywhere to scare African-Americans into voting for Democrats, to protect them from “evil, racist Republicans”.

What it DOES do is help keep down voter fraud. The Democrats always seem to be in favor of things that protect voter fraud.

Now, this notion of shortening the early voting time periods. There is still going to be early voting in all states that currently have it. No one is taking it away. How can it be voter suppression if there is so much time besides election day to vote?

But lets get real serious here, Ms Brazile. Are you saying poor people are too stupid to know how to get a Photo ID? In some states they are free. (of course she complains about the cost of that like the Democrats have ever cared about how much money the government spends).

Ms Brazil, are you implying that African-Americans and others are just too lazy to vote during the shorter, early voting time? Or Maybe, you think, somehow, they just are not as responsible as “rich,white folk”.

There is plenty of time to vote, even if we didn’t have early voting. Showing a Photo ID is no more burdensome then getting it out of your wallet for most people including African-Americans and the poor, as long as you are, in fact, legally able to vote.

The fact is, this is just the opening act in the long running play by the Democrats to cry Racism against anything that they disagree with. But they are the ones demeaning those very same people they claim they want to protect. Shame on you Ms Brazile.

Democratic Strategist Donna Brazile

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